When I took the job at Bulu Box. My goal was to move us into a move versatile ecommerce platform. For months we had been successfully using Shopify for product sales and Recurly for subscription billing, but as we wanted to add value to our services we needed to be able to control our own code base. That is why we choose to move towards the Magento platform.

The process of Migrating customers from Recurly into Magento recurring profiles using Authroize.net CIM was very daunting. I thought I would share some code that I wrote to take a list of customers and their credit card data (Thank you Recurly) and import them into Magento as recurring profiles.

Note: You will need the Authorize.Net CIM extension – Payment model by Paradox Labs (Ryan Hoerr)

Grab the source code at Github.


  • Sebas

    Hi, I’m currently looking into the Authorize.Net CIM extension by Paradox Labs and was interested in checking out the code your sharing, however the link to Github. seems to be dead. Would you mind sharing a current link? Thanks!